About Us

Madeleine Ficaccio

After completing high school, Madeleine graduated from the Career College as a Legal Secretary in 1986 and worked in Real Estate law for 2 years before continuing her eduction at the University of Calgary graduating with her Bachelor Of Commerce degree in 1994. Because of her strong beliefs in education and her true passion for learning, she advanced her eduction in all areas of Creative Real Estate between 2002 - 2006 completing such courses as Robert Allen Protege, Foreclosures, Joint Ventures, RRSP Mortgages, Creative Home Selling, Ron Legrand Boot Camps, Renovations, Multi Family Investing, Commerial Investing, etc.

In 2003, Madeleine opened The VEA Group Inc. and joined the Alberta Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). In a few short years, she has achieved many awards such as DIAMOND REIN Member (over 100 deals) and Top Ten Alberta South three years in a row (2005, 2006 and 2007).

Under The Vea Group, Madeleine began concentrating her efforts on an extensive marketing campaign targeting under valued homes and foreclosures of which some she would buy, renovate and flip, hold with JV partners or putthem under contract and wholesale to other investors. A large part of thebusiness expanded into long term hold and commercial properties with JV partners. Her list of contacts has become extensive.

Madeleine's latest adventure is her Mentorship Program where she teaches ALL that she has learned throughout the years. She has always had a love for learning and her Mentorship Program has helped her pass this on to others. She is very excited about helping others achieve their goals!

Madeleine is also very actively involved in community service most notably with Calgary Minor Hockey Association. Her and her husband, Dan, reside in Calgary with their four children.

Dan Ficaccio

At a young age, Dan opened his own construction company called Dyadco Enterprises Inc. By 1998, his business had tripled in size as did his employee base. He had built two upper end estate homes, completed several renovation projects and specialized in high end paint and lacquer work in the new home and resale markets. He also had successfully completed many courses through the New Home Warranty Professional Home Builders Program.

Dan has also taken much of the training that Madeleine has taken. Shortly after joining the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), he also achieved the status of Diamond REIN Member and Top Ten Alberta South three years in arow. In addition, Dan won Renovator of the Year (2008)!

Due to the fast paced expansion of The VEA Group Inc., Dan scaled down his construction company in 2006 in order to work with Madeleine full time on their real estate business. He no longer contracts to builders. He focuses on the Management, Landlording and Renovations on the properties they own with their partners. Dan's extensive background in managing upwards of 40 employees at a time and his experience in construction and renovations has been a significant asset to The VEA Group Inc. when dealing in many areas of real estate.

Dan teaches some topics under the Mentorship Program and very much enjoys helping students through their property issues. He also loves being involved in his son's hockey programs and other sports. He is a Calgary native and continues to reside there with Madeleine and their 4 children.

Vicki Ficaccio

Vicki's many years of Business and Management experience through the ownership of Vista Video over a period of 17 years has made her an integral part of the team at VEA. She assists Dan with the management of the holding properties and Madeleine with the management of the office. Being Dan's mother, she is a person that is entrusted with the most important tasks such as rent collections & deposits, updating of all tenant lists, tenants issues, tenant walk throughs, etc. Her extensive background in "people skills" has been a huge asset to VEA's organization.

Vicki resides in Calgary as well. She attends all of her grandson's hockey games and especially likes spending time with her 6 grandchildren.

Angela Dolman
Bookkeeper / Office Assistant

Angela has over 10 years of General Accounting and Real Estate Accounting experience. She has been part of the winning teams for the BOMA awards such as Accounting Team of the Year, Property Management Team of the Year twice and Building of the Year. She has obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Accounting and is currently enrolled in the CGA designation program.

Angela's extensive background in Real Estate Accounting and Commercial Analysis has proven to be a great asset to The VEA Group Inc. as they expand into new areas.

Angela resides in Calgary with her husband and two children.