Joint Venture Opportunities
I am excited to announce that we finally have some packages together on some homes for JV in the US!

I have attached 3 packages. These are packages of 5 houses each. They are $47,500 each (for the package of 5 houses) to come in as a JV (plus closing costs of $250 per house). We will be doing some renovations and setting up management companies, etc. in order to sell them as a turn-key projects to investors who want to hold and cash flow them with everything in place... and we will bulk some of them out. Therefore, this JV is for a flip... we (being myself/my partners and you) may decide to hold one or two if it makes sense. The plan is for your original investment to be returned firstly, then profit is split 50/50 after that. You can expect this investment will run approx. 6 months. We, being myself and my partners (from Calgary and a team from the States), will be doing all the work. You supply the funding in order to purchase the product.

We expect these will be gone very quickly so please contact me asap if you have interest and want to hear more about how it all works. Also, you can just purchase a package outright if you prefer for $75,000 for a package of 5.