Investor Testimonials
"I highly recommend Dan & Madeleine as joint venture partners. They are very conscientious and very experienced in dealing with all aspects of rental properties. They constantly look for ideas to improve our investments, be it increasing the cash flow or increasing the leverage to buy more properties. Through their numerous contacts, they find out about good deals before the general public does."

Bill Bohdan, P. Eng.

"So far, I have bought three investment properties with Dan & Madeleine as a JV.

They brought me some good deals on some properties that were under market value. More than that, Madeleine structured one deal in particular as a low down by getting the seller to carry a vendor take-back (VTB) mortgage so that I only had to put in 15%! Also, I did not have to qualify for the mortgage as it was assumed under a company name that we currently own together. We purchased that property 3 years ago for $315K it just appraised for $600K!!! The second property was a foreclosure and was $20,000 under market value! Again, we assumed the mortgage and were able to get in with a low down. She is great at choosing excellent pieces of property and certainly does her research.

Without their expertise, we would not be in the real estate game. They have been very professional and take care of everything from finding the deals, structuring the offers, closing on the property and managing the tenants. We do not have to do anything except fund the deal! This is a perfect relationship for me as I am extremely busy with my own businesses and do not have time, nor the knowledge, to find real estate deals. I would recommend her services to anyone! I know that they look out for my better interest and I sincerely, without hesitation, trust their advice with real estate and look forward to doing more deals in the future."

Diane Peterson, RNz

"I am an avid RRSP 2nd Mortgage investor. In fact, I hold all of my RRSP investments in second mortgages on property in Alberta. I find that this avenue is a safe, secure investment with a guaranteed rate of return.

I have an RRSP mortgage with Madeleine Ficaccio on one of her investment properties and would not hesitate to recommend her for future investors. Madeleine is a serious real estate investor and I have a high respect for her business ethics."

Sharon Trenamen, Real Estate Investor

"I have worked with many other investment partners in the past and, to-date, Madeleine has impressed me the most! She has a high level of honesty, integrity and professionalism. She has many years of marketing experience which is a definite plus as this has enabled her to be creative in finding ways to make a deal work in a win-win situation for all parties involved. Her and Dan deal with everything (including all the tenant issues), which makes my deals with them so valuable as I do not have to spend any time being a landlord or finding real estate, but still cash in on the real estate market with no hassles! I have done several deals together with her and am looking forward to many more to come..."

Linda Ramsay, Accountant for Encana & Real Estate Investor

"We have funded two deals for Dan & Madeleine. They are both very creative in their abilities to find an excellent deal and know what to do with it! We would not be in real estate if it weren't for their expertise... Madeleine is also very talented at marketing for the sale of properties. We received an excellent return on our investment and can hardly wait to do another one!"

Danny & Kari Peterson, Business Owners

"I can highly recommend investing RRSP funds with VEA. All payments have been made like clockwork, and I feel this is an excellent investment for my retirement funds. Madeleine is a delight to deal with and she works hard to create win-win situations with all her investment partners."

Suzanne Facca, Calgary