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About Our Program
Training is key to moving forward in your real estate business!

Through the years, I have trained under Robert Allen (Multiple Streams of Income, Real Estate Techniques & Foreclosures), Ron Legrand (Wholesaling, Lease Options, Agreement for Sales, 2003 & 2009), Kris Kirshner (Auto Pilot Selling), Wade Fenner (Foreclosures), REIN (Long Term Holds and Alberta Market Information: member since Jan, 2003), Valden Palm (RRSP Investing), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Michael Millenaar & Arlen Dahlin (Renovations), Peak Potentials with Greg Habstritt (Joint Ventures) and Thomas Beyer (Multi-family & Commercial). All were excellent and moved us forward towards our goals.

In 2003, we began to focus our efforts on Foreclosures, Renovations and Selling Houses. As I built up my list of investors (now being over 700), I decided to package deals, leave some profit in and sell to investors who were unable to dedicate the time to finding houses... but still wanted to get in on an awesome opportunity! So, I began finding undervalued properties, putting them under contract and sold them either on Simultaneous Close or Assignments to other investors for a fee! I specialized in packaging deals... either they were ugly houses that needed renovations or nice, newer homes kept as rentals where I would put together a lease option or tenant in place for the investor. Often times I would set up a rental with the same people who were in foreclosure! We also bought some of these ourselves as long term holds and they became our very best tenants! They treated the property as their own home and we still have them as tenants today!

I realized quickly when looking for Joint Venture Partners that as long as I had the knowledge in my head I could bring in partners even though at the time I hadn't done any deals on long term holds. In 2003, we found our first partner, put a system in place and moved forward from there. We now hold many properties with several partners under different corporations and manage hundreds of tenants ourselves! We have only qualified on one property and have none of our own money in any of them, but we own half of all the cash flow and half of all the equity in every property! And our partners are extremely happy as we moved them forward in their real estate holdings quickly and with controlled leverage. Plus they don't have to be an expert in this field! We take care of all the work... so no headaches for them!

My husband, Dan, was soon able to transition away from his successful construction company (having had company trucks, shop space and up to 40 employees) and now has only a few part time staff and myself as his partner in our real estate business. And most importantly is building wealth for our family's future, as opposed to just "earning a living" and trying to "save" towards retirement. This had a profound impact on our thinking from there forward. We realized that we could spend less time than we did operating and managing our medium sized construction company and be far more profitable! This gave us time to really focus ourselves on self improvement, education and expansion of a business that we love and be far less vulnerable and dedicated to our 40 employees and the ever turbulent construction market. Most importantly it gave us the opportunity to be building a portfolio of real estate holdings with equity and cash flow that sustains our monthly expenses, while also freeing up valuable time for the most important aspects of life - family & health!

Dan and I work together as a team, him overseeing the management and renovations of all our properties and myself, working with investors (JV and RRSP 2nd mortgage lenders), analyzing property (both commercial and residential) and bringing in and putting together new deals. We have an awesome team that works along side of us as well. Not to mention the biggest part of our team... 4 wonderful children... and with their current schedules and working out of a home office, it affords us the flexibility to volunteer at ALL of their school outings and classes (which we do a lot of) and drive them around to hockey, basketball, snowboarding and dance classes. I also manage one of my sons' hockey teams and am Room Mom for my daughters' class. We take most of the summers off to spend camping and traveling with them. This however, all takes systems, a plan and a great team!

We are very proud to say that we have won many prestigious awards through the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) some of which: their highest Diamond award (over 100 transactions), Top 10 Alberta South (2005, 2006 and 2007) and Renovator of the Year (2008).

Our approach to real estate is one in which we have put several philosophies together creating, as Robert Allen would say, "Multiple Streams of Income from Real Estate". We have long term holds held under several corporations with many joint venture partners - this is for long term wealth and cash flow. We do flips of both, houses and commercial buildings, for quick cash to add to our expansion and current wealth. This is all done through an extensive marketing campaign, large contact list and a different approach to distressed sales.

Also, in today's economy and with the dissolution of no-qualify assumable mortgages, those who learn how to get around these challenges, will make HUGE profits moving forward! In my opinion, there is no better time to get started in this business than NOW!

Through all of my training, I have found the most effective was training done over a longer period of time. Also, I am a firm believer of building wealth in many different capacities vs. following only one philosophy. I say this because as you begin your marketing campaigns you will see all types of scenarios that will give you the opportunity to make money.... Why discard some of them and only work on others? Having an open mind and being creative will allow you to earn money in many aspect of your real estate business.

I will teach you how to get set up for both, flips and long term holds. I will teach you how to market your business and bring in GREAT deals. I will help analyze these deals and most importantly, will teach YOU how to analyze these deals and where to go with them from there. I will help you become comfortable with writing offers and will "hold your hand" through that most difficult first, second and third offer on property you have found through your own marketing efforts. I will guide you in accessing Joint Venture Money and RRSP Money in order to expand your business MUCH faster! I will teach you how to buy, how to sell, how to build investor relationships and how to landlord! You will be given the opportunity to have scheduled time with Dan with respect to Landlording: how to fill properties with tenants, how to market vacancies, best type of leases, dealing with evictions, renovations and what is worth spending money on, how to raise rents and at what times to do it, etc., etc., etc! Dan is very experienced with Property Management! He truly will take the fear out of ANY tenant issues as anything can be dealt with having the right support! He manages and oversees ALL of our current portfolio on a daily basis!

WE will give you access to our team so that you can also build relationships with them ... because a TEAM is also key in helping you build and manage this business effectively. Any referrals you get from us, you can count on as expert in their specific field who will only bring good advice and credibility to your business... great people that have been part of our team for years!

We have set up this mentorship program in a way that we feel YOU will be most successful. With all the above in mind, Dan and I will dedicate time to you on a weekly basis over a 4 month period. Each week, we will have a one - two hour conference call where I will teach you more information and will give you "homework" to complete for the next week. This "homework" will cause you to move forward in this business. Your call will be with either myself or Dan depending on your particular requirements at the time and what advise is BEST FOR YOU that week. I warn you now ... WE WILL PUSH YOU! Procrastination will not be an option in this program. As you will soon find out, we are very passionate about what we do!

Our goal is to have you completely self-sufficient in that 4 month period locating and putting together short term flips, long term holds and investor relations. We will expose you to all of our experience to date and guide you through every step along the way!

PRICE: You will get all the above Personal Training and Mentorship for only $6,995 plus GST! If you follow our system and do the homework each week, you should make far more than that over that 4 month period!

In addition to your weekly consultation, we will also answer up to 5 emails per week in order to help you follow through on any deals that you need analyzed as you come up with them.

We will ALSO analyze your current portfolio and make some recommendations as to a direction you might go from here forward.

Where do we go from here? Once you let me know that you are interested, we will meet face to face if at all possible (I like to put a face to the voice!) to go through what the program will detail and so that we can see where you are currently at. If you live too far away, we will schedule a telephone call.

Next Mentorship Program starting end of May, 2012. Register Now!

On Special - $4995 plus GST!

Here is my contact information:

Madeleine Ficaccio, B.Comm. The VEA Group Inc.

Cell #: 403-471-4337



I sincerely look forward to working with you and helping you move your real estate business ahead! Let's make 2010 the best year yet ... together!

Hurry, we can catch you up on the program that just began or you can wait for the next program which starts on May 6th (we will only be taking 15 students in total)!