Mentorship Program

Student Testimonials
"Madeleine has incredible knowledge and many years of experience structuring and transacting various types of real estate deals. She knows the local "Canadian" real estate buying and selling strategies so very well! We have appreciated Madeleine sharing her expertise both weekly during our two hour "education seminars" and with the one on one support she offers as part of the mentorship program. The weekly "education" sessions have been most informative and useful in learning the foreclosure process along with different "step by step" ways of structuring deals in Alberta including Mortgage Assumptions, Agreement For Sale, Lease Options, Assignments and Simultaneous Close Agreements. Truly....the one on one support in helping to set up our Quick Turn Business and in helping us analyze our "deals" has been the most invaluable so far in the program. Madeleine and her team are confident, very easy to talk with and accessible...we look forward to learning more, buying more properties and building our business as we continue with Madeleine's Mentorship Program."

Don and Julie Leggett

"Being a Realtor for nearly nine years now, I truely thought I knew everything about Real Estate and how to invest properly. Madeleine and the VEA Group SHATTERED my reality of what I thought was good information. The mentorship and training program for the VEA Group is bar none the very best of the best. Their success is proof that they know what their doing and the VEA Group can replicate your success through Madeleine's advanced and thorough knowledge of Real Estate Investment. You know, I've been to various Real Estate Investment meetings through other groups and companies before and they only give you a teaser of a course that will last 4 months - through Madeleine you get the GOODS faster, better and less expensively all within six months. I've been taking the course now for nearly two months and all I can say is that my knowledge and what I know has gone up 200%. It's nice to know that she can get back to you about any sort of questions you may have same day! Thanks Madeleine and the VEA Group for showing me things I never thought possible."

Dustin Batuik (Realtor)

"I joined REIN for over two years, but my husband and I were not able to stay focused on our real estate investment business until we started our mentorship. Madeleine not only teaches us different strategies of buying and selling, but also shares her team and marketing information with us. It helped us moving forward much faster. When we run into specific problems, she always tries to assist us as quick as possible. We bought our first rental property 60K under market value. It was a private sale. From initially writing a purchase contract to condition removal, we had many challenges. Madeleine was always there to help us. Her lawyer provided us valuable advice. The mortgage broker in her team got our mortgage approved within three days. The appraiser that she recommended was very helpful and even waived some charges because we are Madeleine's friend. Without Madeleine's instruction, encouragement and continuous support; we would not have this deal done. Now we have much more confidence. I wish we started the mentorship earlier."

Limin and Jerry Lo

"Working with Madeleine is a must!! She can help you creatively figure out how to make almost any deal work. When you are just starting out, she is there to help with each step of the way - from ordering business cards to negotiating deals to filling out contracts. Her wealth of knowledge is very valuable. I would recommend her to anyone."

Joanne Cecchi, BC